Counterfeit Products

At Stealth Labs we love our customers, and don’t want you ending up with cheap and shoddy imitations.

Stealth Labs is dedicated to providing its customers with the best mounting product on the market, but unfortunately when you are the best, people want to copy you. And you cannot match the passion and dedication that our designers put into our system.

All authentic Stealth Labs products are covered by our 12 month warranty, because we love our customers and want to back up our products. However we cannot say the same for our counterfeiters and these replica products are not covered by our warranty.


Stealth Labs products can be purchased online via our websites listed below or through authorized resellers.


Avoid products that are shipped to you from outside of your country (especially China or surrounding countries)

If the product you are looking for does not exist on www.buystealthlabs.com, it’s not a real Stealth Labs product.

If the price you’re paying is very cheap, or seems too good to be true, it’s probably a fake. 

If you think you have found or received a fake product, please let us know here.

Thanks for your continued support.